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This photo below is the side view of the ring above.

Thinking about getting Engaged? Looking for that perfect gift to commemorate a special occasion?  If you need something custom made, either personal or corporate, please feel free to e-mail me at  anytime. Custom Diamond Engagement rings and wedding bands are my specialty. If you have your own ideas, that's great. I would be happy to work with you to make them a reality.

I use Conflict Free Diamonds and Canadian Certified Diamonds.
 I also only use quality metals in the fabrication of new items. These precious metals have been professionally refined to the highest standards and comply with all Canadian Government regulations.
Expert and Professional Jewelry repairs are also available at a reasonable cost.

If you would like to browse my new Automotive,Sport and Trade inspired store ( WrenchHead Jewelry ), please click on the appropriate link on the right.

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This Custom Made 19KT White And Yellow Gold Pearl Enhancer features a 5.45ct. VS2 G color Pear Shaped Diamond. This piece is jointed and swivels. It can also be removed from the Pearls as shown.

This all genuine stone Custom Family Pendant (below) was inspired by my original Princess Cut Diamond Pendant (above). Alterations or hybrids are common in Custom Goldsmithing. Features of several styles can sometimes be incorporated into a new look.

This Pendant features a 3.0 ct. Tanzanite and .28ct. of Diamonds.

The Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant below is reversible. It is finished on both sides to allow the wearer some flexibility.

This is one of my finest and most intricate pieces of Jewelry. My Dragonfly is to scale and the wing membranes are also. The details were time consuming, but well worth the result.

Seahorse design above credit to Matthew Todhunter

Sapphire Pendant below design credit to Matthew Todhunter


 Ruby and Diamond Ladies Necklace and the two following Sapphire \ Diamond Pendants design credit to Dr. Roger D Morton

                                                Irish Harp design credit to Matthew Todhunter

Opal Brooch and Pink and White Diamond Brooch below design credit to Matthew Todhunter

Cameo below design credit to Matthew Todhunter    


This is a great alternative to the traditional Family Ring. A Family Stone Pendant that features natural stones. 
14KT White Gold Amethyst Pendant Hand fabricated Basket setting. Small Diamond set into Bale.


Egyptian Pendant design credit to Matthew Todhunter


Custom Made Ladies 14KT Yellow Gold Brooch Set with Emeralds of Canadian Origin. 

Unusual 14KT Abstract Scarab Ring with bead set natural rubies.

After numerous attempts at satisfaction with mainstream Jewelry stores, this client was referred to me. Their Engagement mount featured in the two photos below was brought to me with hopes of making up two matching Wedding Rings. This is a popular Antique style that has been obsolete for many years. It would be virtually impossible to match exactly. Many Jewelers suggested they could make a solid curved band and without a doubt would not have a proper match in stock. Having access to a modern milling machine allows a set to be created that looks close to original. This set was photographed sitting side by side. They fit perfect when soldered together.In the end, these Customers managed to get exactly what they wanted.

  Yellow and White Diamond Engagement Ring below is a  Matrix product, with deisgn credit to Matthew Todhunter

     Blue and White Diamond Engagement Ring below and Diamond Engagement Ring above design credit to Dr. Roger D Morton

Trilliant cut Diamond Engagement Ring below design credit to Matthew Todhunter

Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring design credit to Akhila ( Customer)

Genuine Stone Family Ring design above credit to Jim West.

Orange and Blue Diamond Gents Ring design credit to Dr. Roger D Morton

Platinum Gents Custom Wedding Band 28.0 grams.

                                         14KT White Gold Gents Custom Wedding Band 18.0 grams.

       Great looking Platinum Gents Wedding Band 17.3 grams.

Sapphire and Diamond Gents Ring below design credit to Dr. Roger D Morton

I am pleased to say that I have been making the IPSC Canada Championship Award rings annually since 1984. The motto of IPSC is DVC. Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas, (Accuracy, Power, Speed)

The Drumsticks, Raquetball Raquet and the Dogsled are some of my early fabrication work from the late seventies.

These are some South Sea Pearls strands that I thought I would include in my blog. I just like the look and thought I would share. One picture is of a Baroque (odd shaped) South Sea Strand with an 18KT Ball type clasp and the other is of a colored South Sea Strand with an 18KT clasp.

This was a project for a repeat customer that wanted to commemorate and pay tribute to a beloved pet that was considered a part of the family. His name was Rocky. My customer supplied a photograph and it was used to program his image into a computer program. The cutting of the wax has great detail. Actually, this item is a mix of some of the latest technology as well as a very old one that is quickly becoming a lost art. The back is hand engraved by a master engraver. The engraving is totally done by hand. I thought I would share this tribute and the tasteful way it was created.

Pictured below is a hand made custom ring in progress. It is not a computer generated model. This first stage is the carving of the wax model. As you can imagine, it can take many hours to get the details just right. The finished owl ring weighs 35.0 grams of 18KT yellow gold. A pair of bezel set black spinels are set into the eyes to replicate pupils. This mount has a personality of it's own when seen in person.

14KT Gold Custom Floating Rough Diamond Crystal Pendant inspired by an Inuit Cutting Knife known as an Ulu. The Crystal is approximately 2.0 ct. and is set in such a way that it can be rotated within the setting.


Although not limited to these categories, I have recently been engaged in developing a new line of Automotive, Sport and Trade Inspired jewelry ( WrenchHead Jewelry). This is a new direction for me, but something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Coming from a mechanically inclined family, I have been an automotive enthusiast most of my life. I now have 155 pieces in my line with many more coming.  I also have a dedicated website for the WrenchHead Line showcasing these items. These are all truly unique and not available in Retail Jewelry Stores anywhere.

Here are a couple of items featured in my WrenchHead line. They are quite different from each other. Here is a Racing Carburetor Pendant. The Carburetor weighs approximately 25.0 grams.

The second item doesn't really follow the Automotive,Sport and Trade theme, but I have always wanted to fabricate one. It is a fascinating Pre Columbian artifact that is known as the "Golden Airplane". Estimated at 2000 years old, the original was dicovered in 1954 and was made famous in the documentary "Chariots Of The Gods". It is currently on display at the Museo Del Oro in Bogota, Colombia.
All are highly detailed in 14KT and available in 18KTY,18KTW, 19KTW or Platinum.

Permission is granted for the use of images, text and content for the purpose of promoting the work contained herein in cases in which Robert West Goldsmiths (otherwise known as WrenchHead Jewelry) is recognized and acknowledged as the sole creator of the work in question.
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